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Autumn 2016

Blue skies, fluffy clouds,

Cool breeze, leaves down,

Squirrel scampers burying store,

Shadows lengthening, Autumn here.


Climate Change

Image result for london underwaterWent to a talk Thursday in Saxmundham by Prof John Midwinter. He showed a series of powerpoint slides which outlined the evidence that the climate is changing. The CO2 levels in the atomosphere are at the highest levels than in hundreds of thousands of years.

Many still are climate change skeptics. Don’t believe the evidence ¬†and so don’t see any reason for change. Looking at the ‘problem’ in a different way might help.

Let’s assess the risk and then manage it. What can we do personally, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in the context of risk management?

Can we afford to ignore the risks ( wild weather, droughts, floods, sea level rise, large migrations of people, whole ecosystems being threatened, food security threats, and so on).

Will be interesting to hear what is agreed in Paris if anything. If Kyoti and Copenhagen are anything to go by then not enough soon enough.

We need to act locally starting with ourselves, now!

Then join others and be the change.

Early Winter 2014

The sheep in the field next to our garden have gone after munching the grass for several months. I am still working away trying to get building works done and getting funding for the same at the village hall.

Greener Fram is slowly growing. Our next Swap or mend is in January. Saturday 24th January 9.30 to 1pm. Bring things you don’t want, take things you do and brings things that need mending. No money is exchanged. Any donations to Greener Fram.

Hello again

It has been some time since I last posted. Almost a year!
Things have move on globally, nationally and locally.
Where to begin. Lets start at home. Yesterday took part in UK Govt carbon calculator.
The national average CO2 footprint is 10.17 tonnes per household.
At home we are now consuming 3.09 tonnes of CO2.

Still too much and still things to do.
Learn how over coming posts.