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Election coming soon

Which political party is addressing the issues?

  • We live in a finite world which can’t keep growing. Infinite growth is not possible.
  • The worlds energy resources are going to be in short supply within 10 to 20 years. We must go for sustainable, renewable resources and use less better.
  • The world and the UK is over populated. Again we cannot continue growing because we live in a finite world. How are we to reduce our populations?
  • The UK is in massive¬†debt, as well as having a debt deficit. We need to follow a positive money approach. Stop making money from debt. Get out of debt¬†it is not sustainable.

So which political party is going to tackle any of the above?

Would we vote for a party that suggested we stop growing the economy, reduce the population, use less energy, fine people who waste resources and encourage less travel?


Early Winter 2014

The sheep in the field next to our garden have gone after munching the grass for several months. I am still working away trying to get building works done and getting funding for the same at the village hall.

Greener Fram is slowly growing. Our next Swap or mend is in January. Saturday 24th January 9.30 to 1pm. Bring things you don’t want, take things you do and brings things that need mending. No money is exchanged. Any donations to Greener Fram.

Running out of oil?

In the news there is lots of oil related items. Tim Yeo suggesting we build a new runway at Heathrow, petrol prices, increasing food prices, the recession, ‘we must have growth’ economics, and all the time we get fed with its just because we are in recession!

The plain fact we are running low on cheap oil, cheap energy sources, many much used resources and we need to consider what this means for our future. No don’t panic!.

Listen to this possible answer, just click on highlighted text.


Your local Transition group is on the Transition Network website. My local group is Greener Fram.