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School holidays

Summer holidays have arrived

Summers here the holidays have come,

Lots of meals to cook says mum.

Yipee! No school. Freedom to do.

Washing the clothes, cooking and cleaning the loo!

First day sleep in. Eat and Read.

No routine, meals when? Time to weed.

Second day, I’m bored. Can we go?

Demands to entertain. Oh no!

Relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea,

Sandwiches, costumes, sun cream and tea!

Building sandcastles, dams and playing,

Visits to museums, ice creams and paying!

Going to visit Aunt Nora and grandma,

Visiting relations, keeping children in check.

Travelling to places in cars and by train,

Children arguing and tired. What a pain!

A few days left before school begins,

Back to school, and peace descends.